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About Megapixel, Megapixel Lens for Megapixel Camera

Time:12 May 2015

CCD and CMOS image sensors use a series of pixels arranged on a 2 dimensional grid. These pixels convert an optical image to an electronic signal. The number of pixels in an image usually defines the resolution, more pixels means higher resolution. A megapixel is defined as one million pixels, while camera with a megapixel sensor is called a megapixel camera.
Megapixel lens for megapixel camera

To achieve the full resolution of a megapixel camera, it is essential to use a high quality megapixel lens. Overall image quality is greatly affected by the quality of the optical image shot onto the image sensor. Megapixel lenses provide high contrast, brightness and sharpness across the entire image plane. Non-megapixel lenses will not fully display the resolution of megapixel sensor, especially in the corner area of the image.

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